The Photographer

My name is Dharma Bendersky and I'm a photographer based in Sydney and a thalassophile (from the Greek word thalassa, meaning “sea,” a thalassophile is “a lover of the sea.”). I grew up on the north coast of NSW and since I can remember I have always loved being in and around the ocean and other natural environments. When I discovered photography I was drawn to capturing the coastal lifestyle, the natural beauty of beaches, and the interplay between salt water, light and the energy of the ocean.

Salt air and salt water have countless benefits to the body and mind and whether you experience it through surfing, swimming, laying on the beach, walking along a coastal track, or any other way, I believe there is happiness, healthiness and peacefulness directly related to the time spent near or in the ocean. I hope my images are able to bring a little Vitamin Sea to those who see or hang my art on their walls.

I capture my images with Canon full frame cameras & a range of Canon lenses, protected by an Aquatech water housing when in and under the water; as well as with helicopters and a DJI drone for aerial perspectives.

Salty Gallery photographer and owner

salty gallery

We are an Australian owned and operated online photographic gallery specialising in ocean and coastal themed photo art.

I started my online gallery in 2015 to share the beauty of the ocean with others as fine art prints for their home, office, or anywhere they want to feel the coastal vibe.

Our seascapes are taken around Sydney and the east coast of Australia, and capture the ever changing interaction of water, light and energy, the nature and many moods of the ocean, and the coastal lifestyle, from above and below the waters surface. 

All art works are printed on demand, and your purchase directly supports our creative journey. We thank you for your support and business!